You can choose based on your needs between a wide range of chef services including a rich breakfast, an authentic brunch, a marvelous lunch, a fabulous dinner or a combination of services, for a day, a week or more

Hiring a private chef for a dinner or a brunch and trusting them daily for a week or a month can be a stressful process. We know what it takes to transform it into an unrivaled Greek fantasy, without spending unreasonably a fortune


A delightful breakfast is the perfect opportunity to start an amazing day with your family and friends. Respecting that breakfast is the first and most important meal of your day we are ready to serve you like a royalty. It can be consisted of freshly squeezed juices, detox beverages, organic eggs prepared according to your preferences and the finest coffee. Forget the cooking, serving and cleaning because it belongs to the past. Start treating yourself, choosing from local varieties of cheese to seasonal fruits and from energy boosting breakfast snacks to healthy traditional delicacies.


If you wish to skip breakfast, there is always an opportunity to enjoy a fabulous brunch. We believe that gathering together to dine is about experiencing new flavorsdiscovering new cultures and sharing beautiful moments with your beloved ones. Let us spoil you with a wide range of vibrant salads, luxurious egg snacks and mezzes, and bubbly cocktails, while you are admiring the stunning view from your villa.


If you are craving the ultimate lunch experience then we invite you to seat back and relax with a little homemade luxuryEnjoying an immense variety of delicate salads, elegant appetizers and scrumptious traditionally cooked options, is magical. Let us elevate your day at home with an authentic dining experience according to your palette.


We take pride in our tailor made sumptuous dinners. We love tempting you with indulgent barbecues and authentic and traditional options that suit your lifestyle perfectly. An ideal dinner whether it is family style party, a barbecue buffet or more formal, would consist of a plethora of vibrant and colorful salads, healthy mezzes, palatable appetizers, Modern Greek and Mediterranean main courses, beautiful wines and premium desserts. Unique guests like you consistently praise our bespoke dinners giving us a great incentive to maintain a high standard to satisfy all different tastes and exceed your expectations.

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