Our Founder is the first Greek in-flight chef ever existed in the Culinary world. He has received numerous awards and distinctions internationally for his extraordinary work. Having graduated from the historical Culinary Academy LE CORDON BLEU PARIS, he started his career next to great chefs of the global scene

As a proud ambassador of Greek Cuisine and Hospitality, F&B Specialist Panos has travelled to more than 50 destinations around all continents and has discovered all different cultures and cuisines. He is considered as a Greek Cuisine expertise and promoter and he has a unique multidimensional experience gained from his hard work as a Top private chef in villas, as onboard chef in luxury yachts and as in-flight chef in prestigious aircrafts, which he would be glad to share with you


So far our chefs have proudly offered his services to several Celebritiesroyal Families and Prime Ministers. He never had just customers. He always had guests who felt home. With an unbelievably high referral rate from our guests so far, we strongly believe that you will be leaving Mykonos having witnessed plenty of lovely images and experiences. We want to be the best memory you would have in Mykonos.
We embrace and promote the Greek cuisine and its myriads of scrumptious offerings. We truly believe that Greek Cuisine is one of the most authentic healthy and revitalizing experiences. Using Modern Greek Cuisine as a main verve, we also get inspired if you prefer Asian influences, Italian or spicy Mexican, vegetarian or vegan, or even if you would like us to meet halal, kosher or Hindu requirements. Let us enhance your senses while experiencing our signature luxury hospitality


Because we are pure like the Cycladic white and clear like the Aegean blue
Because, using our pioneer way of thinking, we are proud to offer a range of complimentary services
When it comes to service, we love to be tailor made
We offer bespoke dining experience at your residence at highly competitive rates
Respecting your own unique palette, we always introduce delightful menu suggestions according exclusively to your preferences and not a same for everyone “pattern” menu sample

Because, having been introducing our private chef and hospitality services in Mykonos for a decade, we deeply know the local market its secrets and its changes We have the ability to choose for you the best possible quality ingredients at the lowest possible price. Most importantly you have daily access to the receipts of the groceries spent in order to be able to best handle the assigned budget

We are committed to best accommodate your needs and create a guest-host relationship and not

a chef-customer one

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