In addition to experiencing a lavishly imagined dream, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of complimentary services including menu suggestions, menu discussion, local daily groceries organizing and cleaning services.


This is the time we spend in order to get to know you and your preferences. It is the effort we give to be able to provide you with  extraordinary solutions and suggestions on how to transform a simple dinner to an unforgettable dinner, according to your unique taste.
We are so looking forward to meeting you in person and hearing your  story and requirements and we would never charge you for this fun part of our services.


Forget the stress of waiting at the grocery stores, wasting time at the traffic during summertime, or feeling unpleasantly of not knowing where to purchase your ingredients from. In order to make your dining experience more
enjoyable for you, we take the initiative to do the groceries daily on your behalf, for  free of charge.

Thus, we make sure that you maximize your relaxing time for your comfort, while, thanks to our experience we do the shopping ensuring that the best quality and the lowest price are obtained. You have daily access to the record of the receipts we spend to have a better control of the budget assigned. In this way, you have more money to spend for your own groceries.


Behind a successful lunch or dinner is hidden a lot of hard work, dedication to our guests, love for what we do, passion for excellence and attention to detail in terms of organizing your special moment. We know the market, the traffic, the suppliers and all the relevant details in organizing. We are experienced in what to avoid and what to choose, when to recycle and how to avoid any wastage.  Whether it has to do with the stock of your ingredients or your daily budget, we know how to purchase the best possible quality at the lowest possible rate. Trying to achieve the most competitive rate, we would never charge for organizing services


We believe your summer villa is your second home. It is the place where you relax and you enjoy the company of your beloved ones. It is the place where you enjoy our hospitality. We love our kitchen to look immaculate at all times. Cleaning the table and keeping the respective area tidy is the alpha and the omega of a dining experience

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